Just My Type...

The hubster and me {I} snuck out for a few minutes alone to talk about things going on in our life right now. When you have 5 kids, quiet time or time alone to talk is hard to come by. So anyways, we snuck away for a bit and hit the trusty thrift store again. My heart stopped and then started beating wildly when I opened an ugly black case and found this vintage typewriter that I just had to have!

I have no idea how old it is. I really don't even care. All I know is that I needed to have it.

It's my first typewriter with the round keys {I'm sure there is a real name for them} and I absolutely LOVE it!

I just don't think I'll ever get tired of these things....or vintage cameras either.

It was the center of attention for a bit while the little folk took it for a test drive and begged me to let them do their schoolwork on it. I think it was worth the $10.00!


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  2. beautiful typewriter! I have a little white one that I bought at a carboot sale (flea market) for £2 (er $4 ish?) and have been using it to make cards and all manner of little typing things.. and my son thinks its about the best thing ever!