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Today I came across Andrea's blog Leap & Twirl. Andrea is fellow flyer from the eCourse that we took by Kelly Rae Roberts. She gave her readers an assignment today to find a theme song for their life. I actually have 4 and one of them was one of hers also!

I have found that my new theme song will come into into my life and strike a cord with me. It helps me think and grow through something that I'm going through in my life. I can listen to that song over and over {and over} and one day I'll be done thinking and growing and on to a new one:)

My three songs {so far} are:

Who I Am - by Jessica Andrews

I Hope You Dance - by Lee Ann Womack

The House That Built Me - by Miranda Lambert

My current song is The House that Built Me. It's been my "new" song for about 2 months now. It had been playing on the radio for a bit and then one day I was driving and listening to it and just broke out in tears.

I had just had a conversation with my husband about WHY we wanted to move back to our hometown so badly. There are people who get married and move to a new city and are content to spend their life there and it's home to them. We've moved alot in our marriage of 12 years and nowhere has ever felt like home - except our hometown. We both feel something wash over us as soon as we enter the county. Almost a peacefulness.

Back to the song and the day I was driving....there is a part of the song that says, "You leave home, you move on, you do the best ya' can...I got lost in this ol' world and forgotten who I am....I thought that if I could touch this place I'd feel it....the brokeness inside me might start healin'....out here it's like I'm someone else...I thought that maybe I could find myself...in the house that built me."

This song has answered my question for me. I was no longer frantic to get "home". Then...we went on vacation over there for the 4th of July and my frantic-ness came back. I've been scouring the internet for jobs - any jobs - that we could get over there. I've been literally making myself sick and even used the term "clawing my way out of here". Not good.

This weekend was turning point for me. I did some real soul searching about what I want my life to look like. And taking my husband's career that he's working towards. And I just don't see it in our hometown. Here makes much more sense. So, I'm back to where I was mentally and emotionally 3 weeks ago. I've realized that this "nest" is best and I'm looking forward to taking flight as an artist and all of the wonderful things to come!!!

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  1. Wonderful inspiring post! Thanks so much for sharing this wonderful theme song idea with us! Andrea's space is very inspiring! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to yoU!