A Grateful Heart

(My son holding a piece of apple that he had bitten off)

I've been super busy this week working on my art business and filling orders for Spring Lane. {I got 2 international orders this week, one to Belgium and one to India!} I'm also working on my "artist" website and getting all those ducks in a row. {I'll share it when I get it more put together} I'm getting exhausted by the business side of that business and just really want to throw caution to the wind and PAINT! But if I don't get the business stuff in order then how can I sell my paintings? It's a vicious cycle this creative business life.....but I am grateful to be on this path! {finally!}

In family news I've been busy getting the kids registered for school. We're a homeschool family but this year I've decided that we're going to do the public school's online program this year. It's been a bit frustrating trying to get all of the required paperwork in for 4 kids. I am grateful that this is an option though and am looking forward to this next year!

I have been getting more and more involved with the Facebook group that formed from the eCourse that I took recently. I have been learning so much just from watching the other ladies go through the business and creative stages that I am going through right now. I am so grateful that I decided to take that course and so grateful that there is such a wonderful group of women who are not afraid to share their struggles as well as their information so that we can all learn and grow from it.

And lastly I am grateful for YOU for coming to read my blog! Even leaving comments every now and again. Thank you. You mean the world to me!


  1. Hi Jen! I can so relate to this post! Can't seem to get out of my own way these days... too much time on FB... And it felt like it took me all day to mail out one print...LOL! And yes, I want to go and paint too! So fun to connect with fellow Flyers though. You have a lovely blog!

    Love & blessings,
    xoxo Valerie

  2. Good for you! I love how this course has gotten us so enthusiastic, and brought us ogether. Can't wait to see your new site.