It's a Fiesta! {Post Edit}

Well, not quite. But, I feel like doing the chicken dance or something just as crazy. Kohl's is running a sale this week on Fiestaware and the hubster bought them for me! I have been wanting this set of dishes for over 16 years. And I'm 31, so really over half of my life....lol.

So, it looks like the house and the chandelier both move up on my list:)

Do you own any Fiestaware? If so, what colors do you have? If not, what colors would you get? I'm always curious which colors people get/want.

{Post Edit: Oh, and this is the reason I went crazy with the spray paint this weekend....out with the pastels...bring on the color!}


  1. They looks soo yummie and i LOVE the colors your hubby picked! I don't own any Fiestaware but i do love them. I really adore the gorgeous yellow, green, blue and red! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  2. These are so yummy! This is a wonderful collection of colors.
    I own six sets of fiesta in the softer pastel colors. Yellow, peach, light blue, pink, lavender, mint,and 2 sets of white. I decided in 1990 that I "needed" them for a big Easter dinner I had planned. I loved all that color on the table.

  3. Ha ! I didn't read jacquelines comment before posting mine. Funny we both said yummy.

  4. Oooh! I don't know that I've even seen the pastel ones....I'll have to check ebay to see what colors they have:)