Filling it in...

We started Kelly Rae's ecourse on Sunday! I had to sneek peeks when Michael was taking a break from his finals. I finally got to sit down Monday night {tues morning if I was honest...} and started filling in my Dream Journal.

I have the made {The Commitment} to myself and my dreams of being a full time artist. A {painting} artist. I make jewelry. I quilt. I do all kinds of crafts. I already am an artist but my real desire is to paint. I finally made the commitment in my heart to pursue that.

I've also outlined all of my dreams, both large and small. Here's the list if you're interested. {and just so you know, i'm scared to put them out here for all to see. but I think that it's because i'm afraid they won't come true and look like an idiot. i need to overcome my fears and this is part of the excercise.}

Photograph the Eiffel Tower in person.

Sit on a beach in Maui with Michael. Renew our vows to each other in private.

Open an Etsy shop selling my original artwork.

Take some photography classes.

Buy a cottage style house with a beautiful yard or room for one.

Fit into a size 10 again. {and stay that way}

Have my art featured in a book or magazine.

Have a booth at an art show or trade show.

Attend an art retreat.

Move back "home" or finally make this city home.

Buy a house with a studio for me. {paint the walls green or blue.}

Teach an art class or seminar at a retreat.

Meet Kelly Rae Roberts in person.

Take the kids to Disneyland again.

So, as you can see, most of my dreams center around my growth as an artist. I'm scared. I'm overwhelmed. I'm worried about not being good enough. I'm not sure where I'm headed yet. I'm afraid of being {found out} like Kelly puts it. But, I've commited to myself to pursue Art. And I've never done that before.....


  1. Hi fellow Flyer!
    These are great dreams! Some of them are on my list too:
    teach an art class or seminar at a retreat (or a conference)
    have a booth at an art show, trade show, or art festival (I plan to scope out festivals within driving distance this summer and maybe enter some next summer)
    have my art featured in a book or magazine (any favorites? I'm thinking maybe Artist Magazine

    I do have my house. I made a journal years ago about what I wanted my house to look like. Lo and behold, my home has many of the things I put pictures of in my journal! Good luck especially with your home dream.

  2. good for you for putting all those dreams down in writing- hope they ALL happen for you! :)

  3. Hi Jen! I'm taking Flying Lessons and just noticed that you and I are both in Spokane, so I thought I'd say hi. Good for you, bravely putting your dreams out there! I hope they all come true!

  4. Thanks guys! Nikki, I didn't know anyone else in the class was so close! Maybe we could get together sometime:)

  5. I love your jewelry Jen. And I love love love your list of dreams. I'm in a similar place, I already do many things that make me an artist (though it's hard for me to say out loud)...but, I want to paint, do mixed media work, and it scares me to death. I have a few pieces, but am just not painting often enough. We share some of the same dreams too - attend an art retreat, house with a studio, featured in a magazine, be a part of an art show. If we use our wings big things will happen. I can't wait to see what the future holds for you!