Catching Up

We've been sick over the last 3-4 weeks and alot of things around here have been neglected-such as my blog.....

Mother's Day weekend I was down with the flu but my husband and kids took care of me and it was still a blessed day. Michael ordered me a new mother's ring {still waiting for it to come...} bought be flowers and gave me a delicious box of chocolates. I am blessed indeed!

{the view i had of my chocolates while lying on the couch sicker than sick}

{michael hunted down a starbucks with a blueberry scone for me for my mother's day breakfast}

This week I finished my dream journal. I just got done reading Kelly Rae Roberts' book, Taking Flight and this is my version of her project in the book. It is made using some of the covers off of my vintage book collection.

I am taking her ecourse {Flying Lessons} as well. It starts on Sunday and I am sooo excited!!! I have soooo many artistic dreams and have just begun to learn that my fears are the only thing that is stopping me and that I need to take the leap in order to {fly}.

I've got some new designs in my shop if you want to check them out. Some great new beach glass designs!

Until next time!


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  1. Glad you're feeling better. I've recently discovered really good scones at a local cafe....now if I could make them at home.