Happy Birthday{s} and Hello, 2011...

The beginning of every year starts right out with 2 birthdays. Mine on January 1st and my youngest son on January 8th. My Mother is visiting us from Arizona so we celebrated them both today so that she could be a part of the celebrations. We ate dinner at my favorite restraurant {Olive Garden} and then we came home to our cakes and gifts...

Since we were doing a {kid} cake as well as my cake we opted to get two small cakes for Matthew instead of a 1/4 sheet. The idea was that he could pick one for himself and the other kids would split the other one and there would be no left-overs. We've eaten enough this holiday season! {g}

He chose the Buzz Lightyear one...and was totally excited to have it all to himself! In a 5-kid family, it's always a treat to have something completely to yourself!

He had a great time opening his gifts. He is such a sweet, happy boy and is always smiling these great big smiles...the hat is our family's traditional {birthday hat}.
The cheesecake sampler that I chose this year as my {cake}. I was the official picture-taker so there are no pics of me...such a shame;)

Hello, 2011!

I sure have high hopes for you!

{Next post, my word for the year as well as my goals/hopes/dreams...}

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