Settling In...

I am so sorry for the silence this last month. We have been super-SUPER busy with homeschooling and moving. We got all moved in last weekend and we are beyond excited. It feels so good to be {home}.

I have had fun decorating, especially in my kitchen. I have slowly been collecting all sorts of vintage kitchen items from thrift stores. Things like vintage aprons, vintage cookbooks, and vintage Pyrex. I was also lucky enough to receive some of my grandmother's vintage salt/pepper shakers. I am affectionately calling my kitchen's style {granny chic}.

Here are a few peeks into my new kitchen. I will share more as I continue putting things together...

One of the many sets of salt/pepper shakers from my granny's collection...

A vintage Pyrex salt/pepper set that I won in a giveaway over on Shalet's gorgeous blog, Peculiar Momma...I have all of these salt/pepper sets lined up in my windowsill. They are so cheerful and make me smile just looking at them:)

This is a cutting from my friend's mint plant that I am trying to root...I thought it would look charming in this vintage china cup that I got picked from the thrift store's {free} bin.

This is a fun set that I found a couple of weeks ago...it makes a beautiful little morning coffee/tea nook in the kitchen.
I hope you all are having a warm and cozy start to Fall. I am looking forward to the holiday season and hope to have my shop back open real soon:)


  1. Love those Pyrex salt and pepper shakers!!

  2. I adore the little sprig of mint in the tea cup.. so full of promise. :o)