Wishes do come true...

My husband came home for lunch. He asked to borrow my computer, I was doing the regular early afternoon blog-hop. I assumed he was checking his work email. When he finished and handed me back the computer, this is what my screen read:

Start Packing

There are a few details to work out and a final confirmation from the higher-ups but we're pretty much set to move back to Spring Lane at the end of September! I can hardly believe that it's finally here! Five loooong years and we'll finally be reunited with our house:)

We are heading there next week to clean the place up and to do some minor repairs to get it move-in ready. I am so excited and have my paint colors all picked out! My Flying Lessons teacher, Kelly Rae Roberts just posted her renovation pics today on her blog. {She and her husband completely renovated a 1911 Portland bungalow.} I am borrowing some of her colors and pining after some of her light fixtures. I think they'd be perfect in our home! Now, I just have to save up the money for them:)


In case anyone is wondering WHAT in the world happened to cause us to move in the first place....let's just say, never have anything to do with those people promising to buy your home from you if you don't have enough equity to sell it yourself. {They also promise to buy your house if you are close to bankruptcy or foreclosure. I'm sure you've seen them advertised somewhere...}

Two lawsuits and a bunch of money later, we are finally free of that tangled mess that we got ourselves into. By some miracle {and the fact that the guy didn't know how to do the paperwork properly!} we finally got control of the property back. It's really quite an embarrassing story and one we've regretted over and over again, but I'm sharing it so that hopefully no one else falls prey to someone like that. I know that a lot of people out there are struggling in the struggling economy and these people are out there preying on people who are desperate financially. Don't become a victim!

But I'm sure you all have much more sense that we did, so I'm not worried...


  1. I am so happy things are working out for you. It seems that with your hard work and persistance you are one of the lucky ones.

  2. I am sooo happy for you that things are working out!! How excited to be reunited with your house! Oh yes and i LOVE our sweet teacher Kelly's house lots too! The colors are just beautiful! Have a lovely merry happy day and love to you!


  3. How cute was your husband for surprising you with that note. Thanks for the advise. Welcome home.

  4. yayayayayyyyy! i am sooo happy for you! i can only imagine what a relief this must be for you and your family. :) one day i shall have a house of my dreams with dirt to dig in too, and i shall post it on my blog...along with paint colors and everything!!! ;)

  5. Best wishes to you; I wouldn't wish moving on anyone, but I'm glad you are happy about it!

  6. If I'm reading right this means you are moving back to your home in WA....the very SAME one you moved from 5 years ago...this is such a God thing...a good thing. I'm happy for you.

  7. Thanks everyone for the good wishes!

    Yes De'Etta, this is the same house we lived in back when I joined SHS and before we moved to AZ. It is totally a GOD thing! The whole thing. There is so much He was doing to protect us through it, even before we knew there were problems.....