More Goodies...

Remember my post where I got all giddy about a chandelier? Well, I found a similar one this weekend on our date. It's not multi-colored but it's pretty and fits perfectly in my small workspace! It also gives off alot more light than I thought it would:) And would you believe it only cost $5.75?! {pardon the flash, my space is a built-in and I couldn't get a decent shot without it.}

And this is my last great find this weekend! I had been using an old wooden chair that I had repainted some fun colors but the joints were loose and it was rather rickety. It got thrown to the curb {literally!} when I found this beauty for only....$1.99! Can you believe it?!


  1. Jen - I LOVE the light ... the colours are amazing and I can't believe the price!

    I gave you an "award" on my blog yesterday ... if you get a minute please check it out!



  2. I never find such great deals when thrifting. I'm totally impressed. YOu have an eye, my dear.LOL