2 birthdays...and other events

We have 2 kiddos with birthdays only a week apart. This year they both wanted to celebrate at Chuck E. Cheese so we combined them {and saved a little money}. Here are their birthday cakes that my oldest daughter and I made for them....

J's {critter cake}, complete with gummy mice nibbling into the cake....gross. But, just perfect for an 8 year old!

{In other news, J. learned to ride his bike today!}

And Little H's {critter cake} but a girly version. She LOVED it! This 3 year old actually chose "butterflies" over Elmo. I was so surprised but {happily} so!

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{This is how 3 yo's dress themselves...jammy shirt, sweat pants, and a tutu. She told me, "Mom, me pwitty!"}


  1. She's gorgeous! Those cakes are spectacular.

    BTW the necklace and bracelet arrived. Did I forget to tell you that? I am enjoying them both.

  2. Yay! I'm glad you like them! Hope you're feeling better!